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Bama is known for football but what theyve done with the draw of those programs, how they've carried a standard of excellence into their academics is awesome. The student body is over 50% out of state. That's insane! Of my 20+ close friend group: 3 are instate, 10 from the true South, and 4 international students. UA has opportunity for anyone. Study abroad is huge, the intentionality of professors is easy to find and the deans have been engaging. huge resources, we just opened the first athletic training arena for adapted athletics! Roll Tide to that!
Bama was not my first choice, it wasnt my 2nd or 3rd. UA was #14, but thank the Lord I came to my senses, because this was the perfect school for me. It might not be for you, but after 2 years: 3 professors have written me recommendation letters, I have done outreach, recieved 2 grants from the University for my research, made an incredible group of friends, attended excellent shows, and cheered along in Bryant Denny.

University of North Alabama

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Senior: Great atmosphere, great classes, and even better professors are just a few of the perks of attending the University of North Alabama (UNA). First off, the atmosphere at the University of North Alabama is unlike any other! Seeing as how the school is placed in a quaint little town like Florence, Alabama, everyone is so friendly and you feel right at home. Unlike bigger schools, UNA's professors are able to give students more one on one attention by offering smaller classes, and students feel free to engage more, thus building their success! There are many organizations on campus that adhere to everyone's interests. From being a dancer as a Lionette in the Pride of Dixie Marching Band, to joining the Student Public Relations organization, there are many opportunities for students to gain crucial experience that will build their resumes. I adore UNA, and wouldn't change a thing about it. Did I mention they have live lion mascots on campus?
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  • 56% Acceptance Rate

  • $10,427 Net Price

  • 862-1053 SAT Range


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