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My experiences of hostel life Follow @merinews

Hostel is the best part of our growing up days. The bitter-sweet memories of those by gone days always brings a smile to our face.

IN TODAY’S busy world no one has the time to take proper care of their family and because of this children are neglected. Due to the fast and busy schedule, parents love the concept of the Boarding School. However, parents forget that at a tender age children need their love and affection the most and when denied this, they can deviate to some other paths.


It is estimated that around 50 per cent of boarding school children tend to deviate to erroneous paths as they find them easy and much more enjoyable.

I, myself, was in hostel for five years and I have many bittersweet memories of the place. I was sent to a boarding school because my parents were not able to take proper care of me. Taking advantage of the situation, I did not study and made excuses to get out of work.

As this was reflecting in my report card hence they decided to send me to a hostel. The new environment, new people and new roommates bought a sense of loneliness and I missed my family sorely. It was a new environment and I had to settle and prove my worth.

There were strict rules and regulations in my boarding school but after some initial hiccups I managed to fit in. The severe rules in school did a lot of good to the students and helped them to grow as a rational human being.
In fact, I learnt an important lesson from my hostel years that difficulties help us to know the outer world. When I sit back and reflect I feel that I have learnt so much from my hostel life and started my life journey with those wisdoms. Words can't define those five years of my life that was spent in my hostel.

I made some friends for life, learnt quite a bit from various teachers’ and even made my own space in every one’s heart. I still remember the late night studies before the examinations, the scolding of our warden miss for the same, and the laughter shared with friends. Now, I wish I could get back another such night. The scolding of the warden used to feel like the love of a mother.

I have heard people say that hostel life cannot be described in words, and now I can say that I feel the same. It’s really true. So, never think that your parents do not love you if you are sent to a hostel, always thinks that it’s a part of life to go to hostel in order to make something out of your life.


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