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In IGNOU University, all courses are available for open and distance learning. If you want to have degree certificate, then you can take it from IGNOU in less education fees. More than 20 schools are here of IGNOU among country.

All the candidates, who have taken admission in IGNOU University for the session 2017 – 2018, should have to create account on the student section.  Official webpage of IGNOU University is . go to the webpage and create your account by entering all information such as name, roll number and course. All the updates and information related to courses will be posted on the student section from concerning department authorities. So, all registered candidates may check account once in a day get all latest information like exam time, admit card, result, assignment upload and submission date and many more.

One thing which is only part of IGNOU curriculum is that candidates have to submit solution of the questions which are given by specific subject teacher. In this session 2017 – 2018, more than thousands of candidates are enrolled in graduation degree course or Bachelor degree programme. Different streams are available in for BDP course in IGNOU so that candidates may pursue their education in desired degree course.

ACC-1 Organizing Childcare Services Solved Assignment

Candidates, who are pursuing bachelor degree course from Indira Gandhi National Open University, then all such candidates will also read one application oriented course which is named as ACC – 1 Organizing childcare services. Candidates, who are BA / B.Com / BTS or B.Sc, then read ACC – 1 Organising childcare services with your course subjects. When you submit assignment of your subjects which are in your course, you will also have to submit ACC-1 ORGANIZING CHILDCARE SERVICES SOLVED ASSIGNMENT. Marks of such oriented course will also add in total marks and your final marks will calculated. If you show any of careless for their subject, there may be chance that you may have to read this ACC – 1 Organizing childcare services again in next semester.

On the top of assignment, you will get format of assignment that how you have to write answer and how many words require in specific question. When you download assignment question from official webpage of IGNOU which is , then first read format and instructions carefully. When you are preparing solution of all questions asked in assignment, then try to follow all instructions because it will help you to score more marks. If you did not get instructions in ACC – 1 Organising childcare services assignment, then you may provide a look to all instructions which are given by us for your help.

  • First, you have to read complete assignment carefully with format.
  • All the answers of assignments should be handwritten otherwise solution will not be accepted
  • Write the answers of questions on the prescribed word limit. You may write more words from given word limit but not less.
  • Do not write the same line to line answer which is given in study material like books or sample papers. First, try to understand the concept of specific question and then write it in own language.

Assignment of ACC – 1 Organising childcare services is available in both languages English and Hindi. This assignment covers the 30 % weightage of the total marks and remaining 70 % of total marks from theory. So, it is mandatory for all bachelor degree programme candidates to submit the assignment of all subjects on or before the time. Assignment of this oriented subject is divided into three parts which are known as part A, part B and part C. IGNOU university has decided 100 marks for this subject. There will be 2 questions in part A each for 20 marks while part B has 4 questions of 12 marks each. Part C also consists 2 questions each of 6 marks.

All teachers upload question in the form of assignments on the student section. Candidates, who have to submit assignment, must have to know about detailed information of course and format of assignment. For candidate’s help, we have provided all such information which is listed below.

Specific information related to ACC – 1 Organising childcare services assignment is:

  • Programme name: Bachelor Degree Programme
  • Programme code: BDP
  • Validity of assignment: submit first assignment till December 2017 and second in the September 2018

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 BuyBHIE-107 Modern Europe: Mid Eighteenth to Mid Twentieth Centuries In Hindi [Assignment]

BHIE-107 Modern Europe: Mid Eighteenth to Mid Twentieth Centuries In Hindi Medium


Block- 1 The Origins of Modern Politics-1
Unit-1 The Modern State and Political Culture
Unit-2 Radical Action by the Masses
Unit-3 Formation of Modern French State

Block- 2 The Origins of Modern Politics-II
Unit-4 Intellectual Trends
Unit-5 Political Transition in Britain: 1780-1850
Unit-6 European Political Systems

Block- 3 Industrialisation in Europe
Unit-7 Rise of Industrial Capitalism
Unit-8 Industrialisation 1750-1850
Unit-9 Industrialisation 1851-1914
Unit-10 Industry and Urbanisation

Block- 4 Modern Industrial Society
Unit-11 Peasants, Artisans and Workers
Unit-12 The Middle Class
Unit-13 Transforming World of Women
Unit-14 Education, Health and Leisure

Block- 5 The Nation-State System
Unit-15 Nationalism and the Nation-State
Unit-16 Formation of Nation-State-1: British and French
Unit-17 Formation of Nation-State-2: Germany and Italy
Unit-18 Empires and Nation-States-1: Ottoman and Habsburg Empires
Unit-19 Empires and Nation-States-2: The Russian Empire and Soviet Union

Block- 6 Colonialism and Imperialism
Unit-20 Colonialism and Imperialism
Unit-21 Patterns of Colonial Domination-I
Unit-22 Patterns of Colonial Domination-II
Unit-23 Cultural Dimensions of Imperialism

Block- 7 The Crisis of the 20th Century-I
Unit-24 Liberal Democracy
Unit-25 Counter Revolution-I: Fascism to Conservative Dictatorship
Unit-26 Counter Revolution-II: National Socialism in Germany
Unit-27 The Socialist World-I
Unit-28 The Socialist World-II

Block- 8 The Crisis of the 20th Century-II
Unit-29 The Crisis of Capitalism
Unit-30 Two World Wars
Unit-31 Glimpse of Post-War World-I
Unit-32 Glimpse of Post-War World-II


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