Speech Language Pathologist Cover Letters

Dear Ms. Ramirez

I would like to apply for the Speech Language Pathologist position at Rego Park. Reviewing my resume you will see my experiences would be of benefit to the programs offered by Rego Park. And if you take note of my references you will see one is Dr. Lane Adams your director of Cultural Affairs. Dr. Adams was my Senior Advisor at Kaplan University and instrumental in my career choice as a speech language pathologist. He convinced me to combine my skills with language and my desire to help students with disabilities.

For the last dozen years I have done just that at elementary schools and in programs sponsored by the Pacer Centre and the Department of Human Services. As a speech language pathologist my greatest responsibility is to provide a customer driven level of service that improves quality of life for students parents and the community.

When I ran into Dr. Adams at a symposium on education and young adults with mental deficiencies we discussed my current work. He suggested I submit my resume for Rego Park’s Speech Language Pathologist position. He said you would be interested in my study and analysis of communication deficits and dysphagia. I would appreciate a chance to come in and speak with you about this position in detail.

Best Regards

Lucinda Harrison

Speech Pathologist Cover Letter

Speech pathologists are professionals who give expert advice and treatment to those who have communication and swallowing disorders. Whenever you are applying for the job of a speech pathologist, make sure that an impressive speech pathologist cover letter is attached with your resume. This cover letter should essentially highlight your key skills, educational background, and the reason as to how you perfectly match the job requirements.

Effective Writing Techniques for a Speech Pathologist Cover Letter

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced person, a cover letter is a must. You may have all the requisite qualifications and background necessary to make a great start, but if you do not draft an impressive cover letter, it will surely land straight in the bins. Most of the times, the screening is done purely on the basis of cover letters. Some employers don't even bother to go through the resumes. Therefore, it is essential that a cover letter should be attached.

It should be drafted professionally. The length of the cover letter should not extend beyond one page. The language should be easy and simple to understand. For easy readability, it can be divided into three parts.

The first part should be catchy and should immediately be able to draw the reader's attention and force him to read further. You should give a reference as to how you discovered about this position by giving the relevant details like the name of the newspaper or site, the actual job title, date, etc.

The second part should throw light on your key achievements as a speech pathologist. You can mention one or two examples of patients and their treatments that reflect your exclusive attributes to the prospective employer. This is where you should try to relate your academic background, skills, experience, etc., with the job requirements. By now you should be able to convince the potential employer that you are the best suited candidate for the job and that you truly have an edge over the rest of the applicants.

In the last part, make sure you thank the employer for allocating his valuable time from his busy schedule to go through your cover letter. Also, remind him that you would definitely like to attend the interview. Tell him through your cover letter that you are eagerly waiting for the call, as you are genuinely interested in the job and are definitely deserving.

Do not forget to sign the cover letter with your name mentioned below. It should be grammatically correct. Check out the spellings thoroughly, especially, the name of the hiring authority. A spelling error creates a bad impression and you may even lose the job. Make sure there are no typographical errors.

Sample of a Speech Pathologist Cover Letter

You can definitely refer the sample given below whenever you need to write a cover letter for a speech pathologist.

Raymond E. Linker
4953 Custer Street
Rockford, IL 61109
Phone: 815-202-2543
Email id: raymondelinker@teleworm.com

Date: April 4, 2012

Robert P. Robson
The Hiring Manager
Noble Hospital
611 Quilly Lane
Worthington, OH 43085

Dear Mr. Robson,

I was thrilled to find that you have an opportunity for the post of a "Speech Pathologist" in your reputed hospital. I came to know about this vacancy through usajobs.com.

I have helped and treated several patients having communication impairments, stuttering problems, proper pronunciation problems, and swallowing disorders. I have over three years of experience in a similar field and it has surely been a tremendous satisfying experience for me to see the patients completely cured. I especially enjoyed treating infants and children. The sheer joy that reflected on the face of the children left me speechless.

I have attached my resume to give an insight into my professional experience. Thank you for giving your valuable time from your hectic schedule to go through my cover letter. I would definitely like to work with your hospital and bring my experience for the benefit of your patients.

Yours sincerely,


Raymond E. Linker

Based on the above sample, you can now draft and make certain changes in your speech pathologist cover letter and make the right impression on the employer. By doing so you can be assured to get an interview call.

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