Common Core English Regents Argument Essay Examples

Part 2 of the Common Core English Regents

Steps for Reading the Texts:

Step 1:         Look at the titles of the four texts that have been given to you to read.

Step 2:         Identify the common topic in all four texts: ___________________

Step 3:         Close read and annotate all four texts for pros and cons of the argument on the common topic. Use one color pen/highlighter to identify the pros and another color to identify the cons. Or, you can use a straight line to identify the pros and a squiggly line to identify the cons.

Step 4:         Complete the T-Chart outlining pros and cons of the topic.

Topic:         ________________________________________________________


































Step 5: Establish a claim. In other words, decide which side of the argument you have chosen to defend. Write your established claim in the space below.


Steps for Writing about the Texts:

A.   Introductory Paragraph:

Step 1:         Develop a hook. In other words begin with a sentence that engages the reader in the topic.

Step 2:         Identify the argument.

                   For example: There is an argument as to whether or not ______________

Step 3:         Establish your specific claim/argument on the topic. (Don't using phrasing such as "In my opinion,")


B.    First Supporting Paragraph: Evidence supporting your claim.

Step 1:         Write a topic sentence mentioning your claim.

Step 2:         Use 3 text-based examples (quotations, statistics, etc.) to support your claim (cite them).

Step 3:         Provide an explanation/analysis of your text-based examples.

Step 4:         Provide a concluding sentence.


C.  Second Supporting Paragraph: Alternate or Opposing Claim

Step 1:         Write a topic sentence using transitional language (such as “however,” on the other hand,” etc.) that established an alternative or opposing claim.

Step 2:         Use 3 text-based examples (quotations, statistics, etc.) to support the alternative or opposing claim (cite them).

Step 3:         Provide a rebuttal to the alternative or opposing claim(s) that helps strengthen your claim.

Step 4:         Provide a concluding sentence.

D.    Concluding Paragraph:

Step 1:         Restate your claim.

Step 2:         Summarize the main reasons for your claim.

Step 3:         Call to Action: A statement or a question for the reader to consider in support of your claim. (insight)



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