Places To Do Homework In College

It is that time of year again - the second half of the spring semester. This means a few things, some of which include Siena Fest, being one step closer to summer vacation, and finally being able to do homework outside again! 

One of the many reasons why I chose to spend my undergraduate career at Siena is because of the beautiful campus. Whether you are looking to do homework, hang out with friends, or just go for a walk in your downtime, the Siena campus is a great place for all of it. I haven’t always been one to do work outdoors, but after being cooped up inside all winter, it is nice to go outside and get some fresh air. The best thing about Siena is that there are many places you can go to in order to soak up some vitamin D and get work done at the same time. There are many locations you can choose from for your new go-to homework space, but here are some of my favorites.

The Quad

When doing homework in the Quad, the world is your oyster.  There is so much open space that there are countless places you can set up camp.  My favorite spots are the areas right behind Siena Hall and in front of the library.  In these locations, you can experience the joy of doing work outside, while still being near an academic vibe to help you be productive.

Padua Beach

I like doing work on Padua Beach because it is like the Quad, but in a smaller, slightly more intimate space.  The only downside to this location is that it tends to turn into a hotspot for socialization, which can make it very difficult to focus on work.  But, when it is clear, I find it to be a great space for getting things done.

The Steps Outside of Roger Bacon

The thing that I love about this space is that people do not usually go there to socialize, so if you are looking for a relatively quiet location, this is a great place to go.

The Patio Outside of the Chaplain’s Office

This area is ideal for people who like to do work in a spiritual atmosphere. The great thing about this place is that it comes with tables and chairs so you don’t have to bring a blanket to sit on and you have a flatter surface to work on.

As a general rule, when doing homework outside, unless you choose to work near the Chaplain’s Office, remember to bring a blanket, or something else you find comfortable to sit on, and don’t forget to put on sunscreen! I forgot to apply sunscreen once last year, and the aftermath was not at all pleasant. Most importantly, take a walk around campus at some point and see what other places you can find. The best thing you can do is find a location where you are comfortable and can be as productive as possible. I hope my list helps and that everyone has a successful end of the semester!

Special thanks to my roommate Marley Bonacquist-Currin for her input on this article.

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